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Cover Reveal – Silence

Book Information: 
Title: Silenced (A Quinn Winters Novel)
Series: Quinn Winters Series #2
Author: Ivy Love
Genre: Fiction, Suspense/Mystery, Romance
Publication Date: January 31, 2019
Cover Design: Marisa-rose Wesley of Cover Me Darling LLC

Agent Quinn Winters and her team are still picking up the pieces from their last case when the disturbing details of their next case comes in.

A killer is playing God and targeting families. In a twisted game of chance, this killer is picking and choosing who gets to live and die. If the team doesn’t act fast, they’ll lose him.

Agent Winters and her team aren’t on their A-game though, they’re dealing with internal and relationship issues that threaten to tear them apart.

Will Quinn and her team be able to put their differences aside to find a dangerous killer?

Excerpt – Copyright Ivy Love 2018

Knowing I was trying to protect my team is the only thing that’s getting me through all this. I love my job and I love my team. There’s no doubt in my mind about that day for me. I know I was doing the right thing.

This morning I had to retake my gun and fitness tests to prove I’m fit enough to return to work in the field. I’ve been working in the office, but I’m ready to go back out into the field and be with everyone again. I’m still sore and I know I didn’t run my best, but I know I’m fit enough for duty. I’m just waiting for a call from the Director.

For now, I’m sitting at my desk reviewing reports of smaller cases that local law enforcement has requested our assistance with. My team has poured over reports, crime scene photos, witness statements and been all over the country while I’ve been away to prepare these reports for the requesting officers. So far, nothing is sticking out to me that would require further assistance from our office. On the plus side, after reviewing our reports nobody from law enforcement in these cases have requested additional assistance at this time either.

For the moment all is quiet and normal on the work front. I suppose that’s a good thing. I stand stretching my neck and look at my watch. It’s getting late and still no word from the Director yet. I don’t want to be that Agent, but soon I’m going to be knocking down his door to get my results.

I miss my team. I miss my friends. I miss the way things were. I can only hope my past decisions haven’t broken things past repair.

I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket and fumble to get it out. 
I stare at the number and answer it.

“Hello, Director.”


This past weekend was my first book signing that I attended.  I’ll be honest, on the drive up I had plenty of time to freak myself out and I did.   But, I managed to keep kind of calm at least outwardly.  I realized while driving, I had forgotten all my toiletries, so had to make a stop to get those, but overall didn’t forget anything else, so was pretty proud of myself, haha.  I have a checklist for packing usually, but I was so worried about forgetting book stuff, I forgot about the stuff I needed for me, LoL.   When I got there, I went and found something to eat and just hung out for a bit.  People were still trickling in, so it was a good opportunity to chat with people online and just rest up.

The next morning, was full speed ahead.  I got my 80’s outfit for the party and just started chatting people up.  From there the weekend is honestly a whirlwind of fun and good times.  I met so many amazing authors and readers.  Internally, I was so worried about not fitting in or not being good enough, but everyone I talked to was so nice and I made so many new friends.

Three days later and I’m still on a book high, I’m excited about writing again and I cannot wait to share Silenced the next Quinn Winters book with all of you.

Evening Thoughts

Hello again,

I’ve been busy preparing for Rebels & Readers prepping swag, making lists, writing a fifth book furiously and still working. I’ve also been buying goodies for the raffle basket I’ll have at my table.  For every every book purchased, I’ll have a special gift included in their bag.

I’ve been working so hard to hopefully have everything go smoothly and while I know, things won’t go perfect, I’m hoping to have things organized well before it’s time to go.  If I’m organized at least there’s a hope things will go smoothly, haha.

I’ll be posting pictures of swag as I get it…but for now, time to write!

Love, Ivy



It’s been a while…

Hello again,

It’s been a while since I’ve chatted with you.  Don’t you hate when life and work get in the way of what you really want to be doing?  Let me update you on things.  You know I’ve put out another book, A Killer Past (A Quinn Winters Novel), well, I’m also over six chapters into the next Quinn Winters book.

I’ve also been busy getting ready for Rebels & Readers that is coming up in November.  I’ve started purchasing swag, my banner is being made, I’ve got some stuff for my table coming in and after the Amazon buying Createspace bs… I’m working on purchasing more books.  I’m very, very excited about this signing, as it’s my first signing!  I’m looking forward to meeting new authors and readers and experiencing another part of this life.

One thing I’ve been struggling with is time management.  I am working full-time and then some, trying to spend time with the man and my pups and still trying to write when I should be sleeping, haha.  Once I can get my schedule down, I know I can make this work, it’s just a matter of work actually being normal, the words coming regularly and things going as planned.  Sounds simple enough, right? Haha.

I think that’s everything for now.  I’ll keep you posted as things get closer to the event!

Love, Ivy




Hello Again!  I’m here to tell you that A Killer Past (A Quinn Winters Novel) is finally LIVE on all platforms.  Be sure to go grab your copy today! I’m waiting on Createspace to stop being a pain, so I can get my paperback copies in.  Reviews are trickling in and so far so good!  🙂 I’m already starting to plot out the next Quinn Winters Novel.

If/when you do read it, please let me know what you think about it.

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Barnes & Noble:


Love, Ivy


Two Days Until Release Day

There are only two days left until this book releases.  I am SO excited, but I’m also kind of terrified.  Like, to the point I didn’t give this book to anyone.  I am ready for the fallout of it, but I think the fear is two-fold.  The first part is not having released something in so long and the other part is that it’s something very different than what I usually write.  Yes, it has romance in it and yes it is a standalone, but it’s on a completely separate path then what people are used to with me.  I like that I can surprise people with what I write.  I like that I write what is in my head and what I want to write, but it is also terrifying.

I’m proud of what I’ve written, but there is always the worry and anxiety when I release a book, because every time I put something out, I’m putting a little piece of myself out into the world.

I’m not sure if that makes sense, if any of this makes sense, ha.  As release day gets close, I tend to babble.  I get anxious and just ramble about everything in my head.  At any rate, I’m VERY excited for everyone to read this book.  As the days tick off, I’ll be waiting anxiously and probably making more swag, hehe.

I’m also having a release day party on Facebook, you can find the link to the event, here. Come play, it will be fun.  Now, I’m going to go worry/think/be excited in my head, ha!  Have a wonderful rest of your day <3

Love, Ivy


Cover Reveal for A Killer Past (A Quinn Winters Novel)

Hi Everyone!

I’m very excited to share with you the cover for A Killer Past (A Quinn Winters Novel).  It will be a series of novels, but they can all be read as standalone books.  It’s here and I can’t wait any longer… so here you go!

Love, Ivy


Book Information:
Title: A Killer Past (A Quinn Winters Novel)
Author: Ivy Love
Genre: Fiction, Suspense/Mystery, Romance
Publication Date: July 19, 2018
Cover Design: Marisa-Rose Wesley of Cover Me Darling, LLC

Agent Quinn Winters has worked hard to get where she is today. She is an elite FBI profiler, as well as a submissive. She tries to balance the two, but through the years, she’s always put her career first. Except, when it comes to her best friend Agent Willow Mavros. They have been best friends since college and know each other better than anyone else.

A new case has come across Agent Winters and her team’s desk. A case that threatens to break them all. As she and her team get deeper into the case, every decision she makes will not only affect her career but her submissive lifestyle as well.

If she can’t figure out who the killer is in time, she could lose one of her teammates forever.

Excerpt  – Copyright Ivy Love 2018


An unconscious girl sits tied to a lone chair in the middle of an empty room, her dark hair matted to her face as she awaits a fate not even she realizes she has been chosen for.

I watch from the corner, waiting for her to regain consciousness. I’ve done this enough now to know just the right amount of drug to use so I don’t get bored waiting for my new friend to wake up. I’m not sure which is more of a thrill at this point. The actual kill or the calling card I leave for my new friend, Agent Winters. I enjoy watching these idiots run around trying to connect the dots and failing. Then they had to call her. Now, I get to watch her struggle to connect the dots. I don’t take pleasure in seeing her struggle, but it’s an important piece of the puzzle. She isn’t dumb, she just can’t see the big picture, yet. But she will… and when she does. It will be something she’ll never forget. I can’t wait.

My new friend is stirring now. The fun is about to begin. I love watching them wake up, looking around, trying to figure out where they are. The confusion evident on their faces. Watching them as their confusion turns to terror when they realize they’re bound and unable to move. It brings me an indescribable thrill. I watch as her eyes dart around the room widening as she realizes her situation. I always wonder what is going through their minds in this moment. I’ve asked, but they never answer me. They just beg and plead for their worthless lives.

I can feel the excitement beginning to bubble inside me. It’s almost time to reveal myself. Not yet though, she’s not ready. She’s not afraid enough. There’s a moment when I can feel their fear in the room. When that moment happens, that’s when I show myself. It’s when I feel ready, because their fear is inside me, it’s as if I can feel it running through my veins.

I can hear her breaths quickening, her muffled cries getting louder and the chair scraping against the concrete floor.

It’s time.

Free Book

Hey Everyone!


I’m just popping in to let you know that I have a little announcement!  If you haven’t read me yet, now is the time to jump in.  All of my books are a little different and none of them are like the others. This one is no exception, Cutting Through the Darkness is a dark read that is not suitable for readers under the age of 17.

But, it is free, so go ahead and get your one click on! I’ll be back later this week with more news!

Cutting Through the Darkness is now #free on #Amazon #BarnesandNoble and #Kobo#oneclick now! #darkread Links found below 

Barnes & Noble:

Love, Ivy

It’s been a while

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been a while, real life came in and decided to take over as it does sometimes.  But, I’m still here.  Since I’ve been gone, I’ve had the chance to see my cover and it’s AMAZING! I love it and can’t wait to share it on the 28th!  I’ve also been to my sisters graduation and my first Harry Styles concert as well, haha. It’s been an interesting few weeks.

Now I’m in the home stretch of putting this book together and I’m trying to spend every minute I can into it, making it perfect.  I haven’t put out a book in such a long time, my nerves are getting the best of me.  But, I’ll be ready!

This week, is edits/re-writes and teaser pull-outs.  I’m so excited!  It’s going to be a good week 🙂

Alright I’m off to get work done, so I can get writing done.  Have a wonderful day!

Love, Ivy.