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Cassie’s been through hell and had her world turned upside down. 
After months of misery, she’s finally trying to pull herself out of the dark hole she’s been in.

One night out.

That’s all she wants. 

One night to forget. 

To relax. 

To feel free.

One chance meeting. 

That’s all it was.

A smile. 

A cheeky greeting. 

An innocent drink.

After everything that’s happened to her, Cassie doesn’t believe in fate. She does believe everything happens for a reason.

There has to be a reason why she met him on this night. Nothing happens by chance. Besides, nobody can be that unlucky twice in life.


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Book Information:
Title: Silenced (A Quinn Winters Novel)
Series: Quinn Winters Series #2
Author: Ivy Love
Genre: Fiction, Suspense/Mystery, Romance
Publication Date: January 31, 2019
Cover Design: Marisa-rose Wesley of Cover Me Darling LLC


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Agent Quinn Winters and her team are still picking up the pieces from their last case when the disturbing details of their next case comes in.

A killer is playing God and targeting families. In a twisted game of chance, this killer is picking and choosing who gets to live and die. If the team doesn’t act fast, they’ll lose him.

Agent Winters and her team aren’t on their A-game though, they’re dealing with internal and relationship issues that threaten to tear them apart.

Will Quinn and her team be able to put their differences aside to find a dangerous killer?

Excerpt – Copyright Ivy Love 2018

Knowing I was trying to protect my team is the only thing that’s getting me through all this. I love my job and I love my team. There’s no doubt in my mind about that day for me. I know I was doing the right thing.

This morning I had to retake my gun and fitness tests to prove I’m fit enough to return to work in the field. I’ve been working in the office, but I’m ready to go back out into the field and be with everyone again. I’m still sore and I know I didn’t run my best, but I know I’m fit enough for duty. I’m just waiting for a call from the Director.

For now, I’m sitting at my desk reviewing reports of smaller cases that local law enforcement has requested our assistance with. My team has poured over reports, crime scene photos, witness statements and been all over the country while I’ve been away to prepare these reports for the requesting officers. So far, nothing is sticking out to me that would require further assistance from our office. On the plus side, after reviewing our reports nobody from law enforcement in these cases have requested additional assistance at this time either.

For the moment all is quiet and normal on the work front. I suppose that’s a good thing. I stand stretching my neck and look at my watch. It’s getting late and still no word from the Director yet. I don’t want to be that Agent, but soon I’m going to be knocking down his door to get my results.

I miss my team. I miss my friends. I miss the way things were. I can only hope my past decisions haven’t broken things past repair.

I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket and fumble to get it out.
I stare at the number and answer it.

“Hello, Director.”

Book Information:

Title: A Killer Past (A Quinn Winters Novel)
Author: Ivy Love
Genre: Fiction, Suspense/Mystery, Romance
Publication Date: July 19, 2018
Cover Design: Marisa-Rose Wesley of Cover Me Darling, LLC

Agent Quinn Winters has worked hard to get where she is today. She is an elite FBI profiler, as well as a submissive. She tries to balance the two, but through the years, she’s always put her career first. Except, when it comes to her best friend Agent Willow Mavros. They have been best friends since college and know each other better than anyone else.

A new case has come across Agent Winters and her team’s desk. A case that threatens to break them all. As she and her team get deeper into the case, every decision she makes will not only affect her career but her submissive lifestyle as well.

If she can’t figure out who the killer is in time, she could lose one of her teammates forever.

Excerpt  – Copyright Ivy Love 2018


An unconscious girl sits tied to a lone chair in the middle of an empty room, her dark hair matted to her face as she awaits a fate not even she realizes she has been chosen for.

I watch from the corner, waiting for her to regain consciousness. I’ve done this enough now to know just the right amount of drug to use so I don’t get bored waiting for my new friend to wake up. I’m not sure which is more of a thrill at this point. The actual kill or the calling card I leave for my new friend, Agent Winters. I enjoy watching these idiots run around trying to connect the dots and failing. Then they had to call her. Now, I get to watch her struggle to connect the dots. I don’t take pleasure in seeing her struggle, but it’s an important piece of the puzzle. She isn’t dumb, she just can’t see the big picture, yet. But she will… and when she does. It will be something she’ll never forget. I can’t wait.

My new friend is stirring now. The fun is about to begin. I love watching them wake up, looking around, trying to figure out where they are. The confusion evident on their faces. Watching them as their confusion turns to terror when they realize they’re bound and unable to move. It brings me an indescribable thrill. I watch as her eyes dart around the room widening as she realizes her situation. I always wonder what is going through their minds in this moment. I’ve asked, but they never answer me. They just beg and plead for their worthless lives.

I can feel the excitement beginning to bubble inside me. It’s almost time to reveal myself. Not yet though, she’s not ready. She’s not afraid enough. There’s a moment when I can feel their fear in the room. When that moment happens, that’s when I show myself. It’s when I feel ready, because their fear is inside me, it’s as if I can feel it running through my veins.

I can hear her breaths quickening, her muffled cries getting louder and the chair scraping against the concrete floor.

It’s time.

Book Information: 

Title: Belle’s Goodbye

Author: Ivy Love

Type: Standalone

Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Mystery & Suspense, Dark Suspense

Publication Date: July 25, 2017

Cover Design: Claudia Bost of CWB Designs, LLC

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This book does touch on some sensitive subjects and may contain triggers for some people.  Note, this is not your typical HEA story.


Sometimes dreams are the only things we have to hold onto.

When those dreams are taken away, you are left with nothing.

All your dreams are shattered and you’re left holding the broken pieces.

You become a shell of the person you used to be.

Have you felt that way before?

Maybe not to that degree, but you’ve felt pain and sadness.

I have too.

This is my story.

If you’re looking for a happy ending this isn’t it.

But, if you read my story, maybe, just maybe you’ll understand why by the end.

My name is Belle and this is my goodbye.

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SOMETIMES the only thing you have to hold onto is a dream.  When that dream flies away and you are left with nothing, you begin to feel like you are simply the shell of the person you used to be.  There’s nothing anybody can say to help you and there’s nothing anybody can do to fix you.  You begin to lose hope that there is any light left in the world you’ve lived in for so long.  You realize the things you thought you could handle alone are too big for you to fix on your own.  So, instead, you bury your true emotions behind fake smiles and laughs.  You go out to dinners and drinks with your friends and pretend you’re fine, but inside you can feel yourself slowly drowning and disappearing.  You know there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

I wasn’t always a shell of a person, in fact once upon a time, I remember when I genuinely smiled and laughed.  A time before I was torn apart and my family was ripped from me.  I grew up with a mother, a father and a brother.  We were the epitome of a typical family.  We lived in a small town in Colorado that had a population of about 1500 people.  Our home was tucked away in the mountains, but we still knew our neighbors.  Our town may have been small, but it wasn’t a ghost town.  It was home to a hot springs resort that was, and still is, a pretty popular tourist destination.  Both of my parents worked at the resort.  My mother was one of the front desk managers and my father was the head chef.  My parents worked a lot, so Brennan, my brother, and I ended up hanging out together more than most siblings would, which made us closer than other siblings our age.

I was lucky, I was only a year younger than Brennan, so he didn’t think hanging out with me was that big of a nuisance.  Some days my brother and I would go to the hotel after school and other days we’d head home and just hang out.  We had a good life.

Then one day it all changed.

This is my story.  If you want my happy ending, I’m sorry, there won’t be one.  However, I do promise that maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand why by the time I say goodbye.

My name is Belle and this is my goodbye.

It all began on a Thursday.  Thursday, November 9, 2006, to be exact.  I was fifteen years old at the time.

Lost in Me, Found in You - Banner

Lost In Me, Found In You

by: Ivy Love

☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆NOW LIVE☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

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I’m so excited to share this with you!  Here it is:

Two best friends who are finding themselves and struggling with their pasts, their presents and

making sure their futures get the happily-ever- after they’ve always wanted.


Isabella and Liz are best friends, each struggling, each with difficult decisions to make. One of them

is dealing with an abusive husband, while the other relives the horrors of her past.

Isabella has a quiet strength lingering beneath the surface, she just needs someone to release it.

Isabella’s best friend, Liz, is wild, happy and carefree. She’s suffered in the past and now she’s looking out for her.

Two best friends who support each other until the very end. The decisions they make will have the

power to impact now only their lives, but the lives of those around them.

Will they make it through their hearts in tact?

Will they get their happily-ever- after?

Or will they find themselves struggling to keep the life they know together?


“Hey honey.” I say, tentatively approaching the couch. I can smell his drink from five feet away and he’s been drinking for a couple of hours now.

“Yeah, what do you want?” he asks, looking me up and down. “And why are you dressed like that?”

“What do you mean, I thought I looked cute.” I stutter.

“You look like a fucking slut. What do you want?  I’m watching television.”

“I just wanted to remind you that I’m going out tonight. Remember, I’m going out with Liz to go

to that club,” I say a bit softer.

“No, I don’t fucking remember. I would have remembered you telling me you’re going to a club.

So how about you explain it to me again?” he asks, sitting up a bit, placing his glass on the table beside him.

I take a deep breath and try to remain calm, “Liz is a part of a club and she invited me to come with

her tonight. There isn’t a membership fee or anything so I won’t have to pay and I’ll be going as

her guest.”

“What type of club is it?” he asks his voice growing louder.

“It’s a BDSM club,” I say in a wobbly voice.

“Let me get this straight.” He pauses. “You’re going out and asking my permission to fuck someone

else!” he screams, lunging from the couch and grabbing my arm.

“Ouch, you’re hurting me! We have had this argument already!” I gasp trying to pull my arm out

of his grip. “No, I’m not going there to have sex. I’m only going with Liz because she wants company

tonight. She doesn’t want to go alone because she’s hit her third month there. After you’ve been a

member for three months you’re able to choose if you want to enter into a sexual partnership with

someone. She’s nervous because she wants to move forward, but doesn’t trust her own judgment

anymore. I’m not going to do anything. I would never do anything. You’re my husband and I love

you more than anything, even when you’re being a total ass. You should know that by now.”

“Damn right, you would never do anything. I think you’re lying about telling me. I would have

remembered that shit, drunk or sober.” He snarls.

“Here’s the deal, you’re not going to let anyone fucking touch you, if you do I’ll know,” he growls

letting my arm go.

I rub my arm, knowing that by the end of the night, I’ll have another bruise to try and hide.

He looks me up and down, “Go have fun with your friend at your whore house, looking like the slut you are.”

“I am not a slut, nor am I dressed like a slut and it is not a whore house, who knows you might like what

happens when I come home.”

He laughs, “I haven’t touched you in months and you think that because you’re going to some club

that I’m going to want to touch you all of a sudden?  You’re out of your fucking mind.”

I stand there my hands clenched at my side.

“Just get out of here.”

“Okay, have a good night, I love you,” I lean in to give him a kiss and he grabs my arms stopping me    mid-way.

“Yeah have a good time, see you later,” he says, resuming his spot on the couch.

Author Bio

I live in the wonderful and naughty Sin City aka Las Vegas. I’m a paralegal by day and writer by

night. Plus, I make time to play and hang out with my four, yes, four dogs.

When I was in grade school, I was your classic nerd.  I spent more time reading books “above my grade

level” and getting lost in them, than paying attention to the people around me. I loved the journey each book would take me on, I still do.

When I was thirteen I picked up a pencil and wrote my first hundred-page story. It was then I fell in love with writing. That moment I realized that I could not only lose myself in books, but in my own words.

I currently have several works in progress, but I’ve only recently begun to share my writing. Thanks to some serious encouragement from some amazing authors and friends, I’m taking the leap. So far, I’ve loved every step of my journey.

Whether you end up liking my work or not, I appreciate that you took the time to check out my work.

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Cutting Through The Darkness


Ivy Love

CTD Cover Photo for Ivy Love

Now Live for Only 99 cents

banner for CTD by Ivy Love


This book does touch on some sensitive subjects, such as abuse and rape, and may contain triggers for some people. It is not meant for readers age 17 and under.

I am broken.
I am trapped in a sea of darkness with no way out.
I found him when I was at my worst, wondering if life was worth living.
He is everything I am afraid of.
Tall handsome, strong.
He tries to piece me together and me whole again.
But, I’m too broken, too lost.
I want to live, but fear consumes me.
There is a darkness that lingers no matter what I do.

Kat has been through hell and back. This is her story as she tries to break through the darkness.

teaser 2

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teaser 4What Reviewers Are Saying

“Ivy delves into Kat’s mind and describes her thoughts, feelings and pain in such a way you find yourself turning the pages and hoping that this young, dark soul finds her way back to the light.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

“Ivy Love has written a book that is Emotional, Raw, Heartwarming , Heartbreaking and A Book that will have you reaching for the tissues without a doubt.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

“I never understood why people would cut themselves on purpose. This book explained the thought process behind cutting. I actually can understand why cutting would appeal to certain people. This book was worth reading just for that fact alone.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a story you will need tissues and tequila for.” ~Have You Heard? Book Blog

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Author: Ivy Love

Editors: Ivy Love & Tiffany Landers

Cover Model: Tanna Ackerson

Cover Designer: Claudia Bost with CWB Promotions

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