Cover Reveal From Love To Ashes

I’m so excited to share this cover with all of you!  I am just as excited to share the book with you.  I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

Book Information:  

Title: From Love to Ashes

Author: Ivy Love

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: May 27, 2019

Cover Design: Jersey Girl Design |



Cassie’s been through hell and had her world turned upside down.

After months of misery, she’s finally trying to pull herself out of the dark hole she’s been in.

One night out.

That’s all she wants.

One night to forget.

To relax.

To feel free.

One chance meeting.

That’s all it was.

A smile.

A cheeky greeting.

An innocent drink.


After everything that’s happened to her, Cassie doesn’t believe in fate.   She does believe everything happens for a reason.

There has to be a reason why she met him on this night. Nothing happens by chance.  Besides, nobody can be that unlucky twice in life.

Excerpt  – Copyright Ivy Love 2019


“I stare at the ring on the dresser a sense of dread growing in my stomach.  That ring represents so many things. Things, I wish I could redo, take back, and forget.  I know I need to put it on, but I hate it. It brings back feelings of despair and an overwhelming fear of being trapped, among other things I wish I had never experienced.  I swallow and compose myself before reaching down and sliding it slowly onto my finger. Each inch it slides up is a stark reminder of the shame, humiliation and pain I bear.

I look in the mirror one last time and finish getting ready to go out.  I try to tell myself I deserve a night out. A night with no guilt or fear.  I run my fingers lightly across my neck, tilting my head slightly. Inspecting myself for scars and bruises that I know, no longer exist.  I want to be able to go out and enjoy myself. If it means putting the ring on, I’ll do it, just for one night. One night of freedom.

I breathe deeply, compose my face, check my makeup and outfit before grabbing my purse and walking to the door.  I make sure my alarm system is armed as I leave. I’m going to a bar right down the road that way if I want to get drunk, I can safely walk home.

I’m hoping tonight will push the deafening roar of darkness back for just a minute.  I walk briskly down the road ignoring everyone around me, but remaining conscious of potential danger.  I push open the bar door to a burst of warm air, tobacco and loud music. The bar is dim and the pressure filling my chest loosens slightly, allowing me to breathe a bit easier.

I walk up to the bar and before I have the chance to sit down, I hear her squealing.

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