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Hi everyone 🙂

So, Silenced has been out a few weeks now and I’m working on marketing and pushing the whole Quinn Winters series, along with Cutting Through the Darkness since it’s in Kindle Unlimited.

Life continues to move on as it always does.  It has its ups and down, but with each passing day we grow stronger, smarter and ready to take on the next.  Now, I’m working on my next two books and I finally feel ready to consistently write.  For me, there is always a period after a release of mixed emotions.  Sometimes it’s hard to get back into writing, but then I push myself to start writing and I remember why I love it.

I love losing myself in the words and the worlds that I’ve created in my mind.  Every day a new story comes into my head and I walk it through from beginning to end.  Sometimes, I’ll end up scribbling some ideas down, others I’ll finish out in my mind and let float away.  But, each day I have a new world to lose myself in and I want to share that with people.

Like I’ve said before, I write because I have to and because I love it.  Writing has always been a happy place for me and I won’t let anyone take that away from me.

I hope you all have your own happy places you go, places that let you escape from reality for just a bit and feel free.

Until later <3

Love, Ivy


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