Cover Reveal – Silence

Book Information: 
Title: Silenced (A Quinn Winters Novel)
Series: Quinn Winters Series #2
Author: Ivy Love
Genre: Fiction, Suspense/Mystery, Romance
Publication Date: January 31, 2019
Cover Design: Marisa-rose Wesley of Cover Me Darling LLC

Agent Quinn Winters and her team are still picking up the pieces from their last case when the disturbing details of their next case comes in.

A killer is playing God and targeting families. In a twisted game of chance, this killer is picking and choosing who gets to live and die. If the team doesn’t act fast, they’ll lose him.

Agent Winters and her team aren’t on their A-game though, they’re dealing with internal and relationship issues that threaten to tear them apart.

Will Quinn and her team be able to put their differences aside to find a dangerous killer?

Excerpt – Copyright Ivy Love 2018

Knowing I was trying to protect my team is the only thing that’s getting me through all this. I love my job and I love my team. There’s no doubt in my mind about that day for me. I know I was doing the right thing.

This morning I had to retake my gun and fitness tests to prove I’m fit enough to return to work in the field. I’ve been working in the office, but I’m ready to go back out into the field and be with everyone again. I’m still sore and I know I didn’t run my best, but I know I’m fit enough for duty. I’m just waiting for a call from the Director.

For now, I’m sitting at my desk reviewing reports of smaller cases that local law enforcement has requested our assistance with. My team has poured over reports, crime scene photos, witness statements and been all over the country while I’ve been away to prepare these reports for the requesting officers. So far, nothing is sticking out to me that would require further assistance from our office. On the plus side, after reviewing our reports nobody from law enforcement in these cases have requested additional assistance at this time either.

For the moment all is quiet and normal on the work front. I suppose that’s a good thing. I stand stretching my neck and look at my watch. It’s getting late and still no word from the Director yet. I don’t want to be that Agent, but soon I’m going to be knocking down his door to get my results.

I miss my team. I miss my friends. I miss the way things were. I can only hope my past decisions haven’t broken things past repair.

I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket and fumble to get it out. 
I stare at the number and answer it.

“Hello, Director.”

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