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As I mentioned on Facebook, I’m going to try and start being more active here.  Last night I was writing and came up with some ideas, but I wanted to get your thoughts on it.  As most of you know I write romance and a lot of dark reads.  I cannot wait to share my next book with you because I’ve been doing some research and it’s going to be killer.

At any rate, what I’m going to be transitioning into is possibly true crime and fictional serial killer with a twist.  I don’t think I’ll abandon romance completely, but I’ve always been intrigued by the way people think and why people act the way they do and ultimately why they do what they do.  My next book does have romance in it, so don’t worry, but it is definitely going to have a thriller aspect to it too.

My question this time is for those that read me now, would you still read what I put out, if I were to change genres?  I understand true crime is a totally different genre.  But, if I were to write something with a killer, would that interest you or no?  I want to hear your opinions because that really helps me out.

I know I need to finish a few other things first, but that is the direction I would like to go, so let me know in the comments.

Love, Ivy

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  1. I think that your writing is amazing. It is very well written, heart felt, and tugs at emotional strings surrounding your thought process. I know that you do research and attempt to perfect something before you release it. I personally feel that branching out, might not be a bad idea. I would be interested in reading a new work of art from you. My curiosity, would you have a book between the two genres as an ease into it?

    1. Thank you! Yes. I have a plan to weave in the books. This way it’s not a complete shock. Plus, this next book is going to give people a little taste of what’s to come!
      <3 Ivy

  2. I love suspense, but more importantly I love your writing so I will definitely be reading your books whether they are romance or not!

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